Thursday, June 15, 2017

Coming Out Evomonkey

There's been a lot of development in recent years regarding civil liberties among LGBTQ members, who gained victories in the US when gay marriage was passed under Obama, while at the same time, battling some of the more regressive states.

Progress in Canada has also been rapid, where same sex marriage is legal, and where hate speech in the context of gender is specifically forbidden by law (c-16). Canada is widely considered one of the most progressive countries on earth in terms of gender - and this is something I applaud and feel great pride over as a Canadian citizen.

In exploring my own thoughts and feelings on the recent bill C-16, I came to a few conclusions about gender as it is understood in modern terms, and where I stand on gender and sexuality.  

This exploration has led me to the conclusion that I am genderless as a gender - note, this is not to mean that I am sexless - my sexual organ is male in nature, but many who also possess genetalia of one sexuality identify with various gender identities.

Firstly, let's talk about gender identity itself.

I looked for various definitions of gender identity, trying to get a uniform perspective. The best definition I found was "one's own experience of one's own gender." 

Gender is a social construct to a large extent. So how am I experiencing my own social construct?

I see society as a giant dominance hierarchy inherited from primates, and their progenitors from the sea, and this hierarchy propagates on our basest of urges. Awareness of this fact is a key deterrent for ape like behavior such as fisticuffs or hegemony.

Increasingly, as one examines gender roles in society, the bullshit meter becomes more sensitive. Tradiational narratives are boring social constructs designed to favor procreation and meekness before the overlords, like good like Protestant baby factories. Women, treated like cattle and exchanged with dowries, only given the vote, in relatively recent history.

Gender is the inheritance of a legacy of stupidity and regress - so why should I participate in such an absurd, failed act to categorize the nuanced nature of human sexuality and perception?

I dare say, I have no legal obligation to.

My own beliefs determine my gender, and they are as such:

1) Gender is a social construct designed as a meta-informational-technology to expand the dominance hierarchy.
2) Gender is not a spectrum of what are classified as "feminine" or "masculine" traits. I acknowledge only human traits.
3) Differences in gender identities are a function of differences in genetics and experience - no two genders can ever be the exact same.
4) Gender has increasingly become a political and ideological standpoint - one which I choose to abstain from. You cannot generalize a gender of one - good luck trying.
5) Gender evolves in real time and is immeasurable, an indeterminant value.

As such, I am henceforth declaring my new gender, Evomonkey.

Note:  the pronoun or categorical descriptor of my non-descibable non-categorical gender is subject to change in real time. 

My gender doesn't require you to use any special pronouns as I prefer the English language without even more gibberish inundating it every day. But if you call me evomonkey I won't mind either. I also accept Evo and Monkey. My girlfriend, a cis-norm, calls me monkey-bear - which is technically a hate crime but I'm not pressing charges.

If you aren't aware of my gender, and you assume I am male because of my physical appearance or your interpretation of maleness in my actions, I won't fault you and do not expect you to refer to me by my pronoun under the burden of ignorance. In fact, any recognition of my characteristics, whether you interpret them as male or female, is a compliment.

And when you refer to me as male, my gender (my experience of my own gender) interprets that as Evomonkey.

You say:  "Hey man, what's up tonght?"

I hear: "Hey Evomonkey, what's up tonight?"


"Nice slam poem gurll!"

is heard as

"Nice slam poem Evomonkey!"

Evomonkey as a gender, acts as a sort of filter, transmogrifying all femininity and masculinity into a neutralized state, only considered in relation to each individual.

As such, if I say "he," or "she," or "him," what I actually mean is evomonkey. I choose to say these pronouns out loud, despite my gender identity, out of respect for those who identify within normative categories. 

So what's it like being Evomonkey?

Well, today, my particular gender has a sexual attraction to women, but an aesthetic attraction to men. For example, Ryan Gosling is handsome, however, I do not crave to suck his dick.

Since asexuality is a sexual identity, I am sexually attracted to women and asexually attracted to men.

I'm also asexually attracted to puppies, sunsets, Monet's paintings, and abstract geometrical forms, especially fractals.

My position on the advancement of gender rights, and the law, is to simply abolish or ignore gender altogether, it's such a waste of energy. If you want to be a woman, do it, be a man, do it, be yourself. Who cares? We're all special.

I'll be submitting for a revision to my birth certificate to declare me as either genderless or Evomonkey in the near future. 

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