Sunday, July 20, 2014

Smashing on Kids is Wrong

The other day, 
a game of volleyball
like any other day at volleyball, yaknow,
open rec, welcome all, just for fun, everyone
just spikes and sets, whatever, shit.

From time to time I see this guy –
we call him “the beast”
because he smashes on kids,
battle cries, and
massive spikes,
and we're all saying
“calm it down bro”
but English isn't something he knows,
so he just smiles
and shrugs it off,
And nobody understands
nobody else,
but high fives all around and clowning,
doesn't matter but a
solid set and a nod of the head

In the corner, kids play soccer,
with a volleyball no less,
bumping it off their shoulders feet and
knees and the tops of their heads.
Half the time the damn ball falls on
the fucking court, boy, it pisses us off
to see that fuckingball on the court again.
Sometimes when I’m spiking I accidentally
skirt the line and hit those kids instead.
Everybody has a good laugh,
and I feel better.

Am I a bad person?

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