Monday, January 23, 2012

Assassin's Poem

I killed a man in Kosovo,
seated at a café;
slipped a droplet in his drink
and watched him pass away.

I killed a man in Paris,
bullet through the head;
a thousand yards, the scope, no hope
and butchered him in bed.

I terminated a woman,
living in Mumbai;
choked her out so quickly
that she couldn't raise a cry.

Killed a man in Chile,
another in Peru;
thirteen kills in Istanbul,
twenty in Khartoum.

But all my talents better spent
recruiting Islam youth.
Allah, a job, a zealous throb
and a voluntary adieu.

Built an army in Yemen,
purchased two-by-two;
old-boy, expat, torturer,
didn't matter who.

Overthrew Afghanistan,
Iraq and Iran too;
now the bodies rotting
for the trillion-dollar-coup.

All the best, with badger's badge
are neither green nor blue;
but blackened, bloody water
and a bullet flying true.